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High Definition Shemale Sex

There’s an unspoken bond when it comes to men, you’re suppose to talk big, do a lot of bragging, whether it’s true or not, it’s all about the image you portray. When hanging out in the locker room after a game of handball, or having a beer with the boys, we’re the macho, rough and gruff type of crowd, but they don’t have a clue what I do when I have time to myself.

I’ve had my fair share of beautiful women, with large breasts and hard nipples to suck from, vaginal mounds that are smooth shaven and furry with pubic hair, I’ve felt the clamping of their pussy walls tightening around my erection and I adore every moment of my memories, but, when I want to cum hard, it takes that bit of something special, a little fetish and taboo twist to the normal.

After a few of those beers, I walked home from the local tavern, tossed my wallet on the table, dropped my blue jeans and settled in for a little late night fantasy. My mind had been racing all day about my need to cum, and I don’t mean just a quick jerk and shoot session, but, the kind of orgasm that makes you feel as though you could faint from the fury of it all.

Sitting down in front of the computer, I light a cigarette and set it into the ashtray next to the keyboard. I slip into email quickly and find mostly spam, my eyes shoot across news headlines, and then it was time for me, to reach down into the dirtiest part of my imagination and let the kinkiness take me into a level of lust that will leave me sexually satisfied.

I take a deep inhalation from my cigarette and then slowly, almost like foreplay for my fingers, I type in my hot, go to spot, High Definition shemale sex. The second the page loads I see everything I want in abundance. Not only is it the utmost high quality that will offer clarity and crispness for my viewing pleasure, but, also the niche at hand is my secret fantasy.

There’s something about the thought of having a large pair of breasts to suckle from, along with an extremely hard cock to enjoy that makes me feel wild inside. I’ve never thought of a gay, erotic encounter, but, this is like the best of both worlds, a chick with a dick. I found a stunning brunette wearing a tiny pair of panties, packing all of that cock into the crotch while the bikinis rode low on her slender hips. She unfastened her lace cupped bra and massive tits sprung free towards the screen. The nipples were such a dark, rich brown in color and my mouth watered to taste them.

With an almost dominant expression on her face, she bent and hoisted her ass towards my face, and I could see the shemale balls hanging low from behind. With that type of shot, my own testicles began to ache and I waited for this he-she to show me more. Turning slowly, as if she were teasing me and taunting me to a point of no return, I could now easily see the outline of her erection pressed against the silk of those panties.

My cock now carried a raging hard on, this was exactly the type of turn on I needed and this hot, shemale sex was giving it to me good. Slowly rolling those panties down, and disclosing all of her tranny, exhibitionist ways, she began jacking off just as I was doing and I dreamed we were sharing the big bed in the background, rubbing the bulbous heads together and feeling the dirtiness of it all.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold back my hot semen, it was already bubbling and ready to shoot up the shaft. My eyes were fixated on the monitor, watching the large breasts bouncing, the balls swinging, it was more than I could take and I erupted like a male volcano. My orgasm flew from the head of my dick, spraying cum across the screen and keyboard, continuing to ooze for a long time and then, my load was completely spent. You can watch these high definition shemale sex videos at

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I was high school sweethearts with a girl that everyone, including myself, thought I would one day end up marrying. We were the perfect couple. I was the quarterback for our football team and she was the prettiest cheerleader on the squad. I’d watch her during practice, her long blonde hair shimmering in the sunshine, and as she jumped up and down showing team spirit, her large, natural breasts would rise and fall, causing me to feel an erection forming inside of my uniform. Her legs were long, and watching her kick into the air, I found myself wishing I were there to slide in between them.

We always had a great time together, she enjoyed doing most everything I did, and, we could talk for hours and never grow weary of one another, yes, she was the perfect girl. Except for when it came to making love. I could never understand how a hot babe like herself just didn’t seem to be interested in getting naked and sharing hardcore excitement. If I were very horny, she would have intimacy with me, but, I could tell, she wasn’t enjoying herself. We ended our relationship and she moved away. I hadn’t seen her for nearly fifteen years, until…

One Saturday afternoon while relaxing and feeling the need to release ball juices, I sat down at the computer and thought some hot, girl to girl passion would be just the thing to get me off. I went immediately to my favorites for watching, HD lesbian sex. Clicking on an updated clip, it showed a beautiful redhead, lying back on a bed, with the pinkness of her areola puckered tightly, while hard nipples extended in a long fashion, the back of a blondes head was showing, as she was performing oral arousal. Getting comfortable in my chair and sliding my hand over my testicles and up to the head of my cock, I was ready for a Saturday afternoon masturbation session.

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Her body was as magnificent as I remembered, every soft curves, the perfect roundness to her ass, the full fleshiness of big breasts, and the pussy that would certainly be inviting to either gender. I suddenly realized my dick was harder than it had ever been, watching my ex getting her vaginal lips sucked on by another woman was a huge turn on. I’d been inside that pink cavern, I knew the magic it held and I wish I’d been there in the same room, watching her enjoying the lesbian excitement in person.

Listening to her purring from the stimulation, moving her lean hips and tight ass in a squirming motion while she shared the naughty talk between lovers, telling her girlfriend how good it felt, how hot her tongue was and how much she was going to cum for her. Those were things I always wanted to hear from her and never understood why I didn’t, but, at least, now I know, and it has me ready to explode.

Her long legs draped over the shoulders of the beautiful redhead, heels digging into the middle of her back, drawing her hungry mouth deeper into the musky, creaminess of her vaginal slit. I remember how she tasted, so soft and delicious, I could have eaten there all night long.

The closer she was to cumming, the more I could feel the load boiling in my balls, for the first time, we were going to share a mutual orgasm, even if it was while I watched HD lesbian sex videos. She was now pulling the red hair of her lover, screaming things that I couldn’t understand, deeply in the throes of pornographic passion, the more of a female fury she was whipped into, the more I knew how forceful my ejaculation was going to be.

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