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Skinny small ass girls are not my type of woman at all. I like curvy big butt chicks whose thick butts are huge and round. And I’ll tell you why below.

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I was at the tender age of 18 during my first trip to Rio de Janeiro. Since that time I know that Brazilian ladies are the sexiest women in the world. They all have really nice well shaped booties. And that’s what turns me on to the point of no return.

There were hundreds of incredibly sexy bikini-clad Latinas at Rio beach that day. They made no secret of their bubble butts. I couldn’t keep my eyes off their nice bottoms.
I spent that evening and all night in my hotel room watching Pornalized huge ass movies. I polished my rod non-stop for hours.

Now at 27, I’m a married man. My wife, Katie is a hot-bodied blonde with nice behind. But I still have a habit of watching big ass videos featuring sultry Latinas and other hot-ass chicks a few times a week. There are pinkrod sex tube, hd mobile tube and many other sources in my bookmarks. My wife isn’t against it. I really get satisfaction and a kind of relaxation as I watch bootylicious adult models strip, pose naked and get banged by lucky dudes. And those wet dangerously hot Brazilian beach girls with lovely brown butts are in my memories forever.

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One day I was too horny after watching a few huge ass movies at with seductive Jada Stevens. And I got an idea. I decided to make a porn site of my own with a massive collection of dick-rising porn videos featuring my favorite big booty girls. And now I’m just a few steps away from making my great idea a reality. There are two hd adult tubes to come up. And I’m proud of it.

Now we live in the world full of opportunities to make your fantasies come to life. There are two tuckers to Brazil again in my pocket. I believe that smoking hot round assed Rio girls are waiting for me. They will shake their killer booties dancing hot and sexy in their skin tight shorts at disco. They will expose their assets again!

This is man-on-man talk and that’s what I have on my mind right now after another doze of porn late at night. I have nothing to add to this story about my life, my sexual fantasies and desires.

Hope you enjoyed the reading!

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Imagination Mixed With HD Porn Videos

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Sometimes I wonder where we would be if it weren’t for the ability of our minds to take us places where we can’t seemingly go on our own. For me, I sit down at the computer and bring up a site such as, Be Fuck new HD porn videos website and I am able to lose myself in the tightness of those youthful but legal bodies, boobs that are firm and asses that jiggle with the right amount of movement, taking me back to my younger days and allowing me to appreciate what I didn’t see when I was that age.

When I was younger, I was like most every college aged male, when I had the chance to get into a girl’s panties, it was a turn on for the moment, the smell of her honeysuckle perfume and the hairy pussy my fingers slid through, it was all more than enough to get me up, bringing the hardness to my cock and then allowing nature take its course until I was cumming with a forceful ejaculation.

Now that those years are in my rear view mirror of life, I can see the loveliness for what it truly is, and, I take my time to appreciate the arousal of an innocent smile, or the teasing way they roll those brightly colored panties over shapely hips, exposing the most delicate areas, that, if given a chance, I would spend an entire night kissing and licking, just to taste the sweetness of their skin.

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I still get just as hard viewing these girls, shemales and vixens from my computer screen, and I think, somewhere in the back of my mind, while the filming is going on, they must have images of someone like me, in their late forties, sitting in front of the monitor and jacking off to the ripeness of their nude bodies from the HD porn videos. They know what they’re doing and they do it so very well.

With the change of the time, the pubic hair is pretty much a thing of the past, most of the young ladies keep those puffy pussy mounds shaved clear, which allows their labia to show in such a seductive manner, and, for some, when they’re realistically aroused, they have a clitoris so swollen, it will protrude and almost call loudly for my lips and tongue to suck upon it, giving that hot babe oral sex like she’s never felt before. I would let her orgasms glaze my face and keep going back for more.

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Just before I’m ready to release my hot, mature load of sperm, knowing it will ooze from the head of my cock and over my tightly gripping fingers, I imagine I’m buried deeply inside a barely legal vaginal hole, with those soft, moist walls gripping and squeezing my shaft with tightness, clamping down on my cock as I try to pull free, not wanting to lose that feeling of being filled as they’re fucked by someone with the erotic experience to show them how it should be done. Every time I cum, it’s unloading my ball juice inside an eager box.

The imagination certainly is a wonderful thing, all it takes is a little incentive from the clips I’m watching and before long, my mind has me as the leading man, and the frames don’t stop clicking until I’ve shot my wad, pumping every drop of my testicle held desires inside of her, and then waiting for the excitement of her creampie return. She’s so satisfied by the foreplay and intercourse, I then feel her sliding down the front of my body, taking my semi-hard member into her mouth, and working her explorative tongue over the head and up and down the shaft to my balls, which of course has me stiffening once again. That’s another perk of sharing sex with a hot teen, they have an insatiable appetite for sex and will keep cumming back for seconds, and thirds.

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Sneaking Into HD Shemale Sex

HD Shemale Sex

It’s one of my secrets what I love to watch HD shemale video clips. There’s an unspoken bond when it comes to men, you’re suppose to talk big, do a lot of bragging, whether it’s true or not, it’s all about the image you portray. When hanging out in the locker room after a game of handball, or having a beer with the boys, we’re the macho, rough and the gruff type of crowd, but they don’t have a clue what I do when I have time to myself.

I’ve had my fair share of beautiful lesbian women, with large breasts and hard nipples to suck from, vaginal mounds that are smooth shaven and furry with pubic hair, I’ve felt the clamping of their pussy walls tightening around my erection and I adore every moment of my memories, but, when I want to cum hard, it takes that bit of something special, a little fetish and taboo twist to the normal.

After a few of those beers, I walked home from the local tavern, tossed my wallet on the table, dropped my blue jeans and settled in for the tranny movies. My mind had been racing all day about my need to cum, and I don’t mean just a quick jerk and shoot session, but, the kind of orgasm that makes you feel as though you could faint from the fury of it all.

Sitting down in front of the computer, I light a cigarette and set it into the ashtray next to the keyboard. I slip into email quickly and find mostly spam, my eyes shoot across news headlines, and then it was time for me, to reach down into the dirtiest part of my imagination and let the kinkiness take me into a level of lust that will leave me sexually satisfied.

I take a deep inhalation from my cigarette and then slowly, almost like foreplay for my fingers, I type in my hot, go to spot, HD shemale sex. The second the page loads I see everything I want in abundance. Not only is it the utmost high quality that will offer clarity and crispness for my viewing pleasure, but, also the niche at hand is my secret fantasy.

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There’s something about the thought of having a large pair of breasts to suckle from, along with an extremely hard cock to enjoy that makes me feel wild inside. I’ve never thought of a gay, erotic encounter, but, this is like the best of both worlds, a chick with a dick. I found a stunning brunette wearing a tiny pair of panties, packing all of that cock into the crotch while the bikinis rode low on her slender hips. She unfastened her lace cupped bra and massive tits sprung free towards the screen. The nipples were such a dark, rich brown in color and my mouth watered to taste them.

With an almost dominant expression on her face, she bent and hoisted her ass towards my face, and I could see the shemale balls hanging low from behind. With that type of shot, my own testicles began to ache and I waited for this he-she to show me more. Turning slowly, as if she were teasing me and taunting me to a point of no return, I could now easily see the outline of her erection pressed against the silk of those panties.

My cock now carried a raging hard on, this was exactly the type of turn on I needed and this hot, shemale HD porn was giving it to me good. Slowly rolling those panties down, and disclosing all of her tranny, exhibitionist ways, she began jacking off just as I was doing and I dreamed we were sharing the big bed in the background, rubbing the bulbous heads together and feeling the dirtiness of it all.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold back my hot semen, it was already bubbling and ready to shoot up the shaft. My eyes were fixated on the monitor, watching the large breasts bouncing, the balls swinging, it was more than I could take and I erupted like a male volcano. My orgasm flew from the head of my dick, spraying cum across the screen and keyboard, continuing to ooze for a long time and then, my load was completely spent. At the current time, you can watch that HD shemale sex online.

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The Secret In HD Lesbian Sex

I was high school sweethearts with a girl that everyone, including myself, thought I would one day end up marrying. We were the perfect couple. I was the quarterback for our football team and she was the prettiest cheerleader on the squad. I’d watch her during practice, her long blonde hair shimmering in the sunshine, and as she jumped up and down showing team spirit, her large, natural breasts would rise and fall, causing me to feel an erection forming inside of my uniform. Her legs were long, and watching her kick into the air, I found myself wishing I were there to slide in between them.

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We always had a great time together, she enjoyed doing most everything I did, and, we could talk for hours and never grow weary of one another, yes, she was the perfect girl. Except for when it came to making love. I could never understand how a hot babe like herself just didn’t seem to be interested in getting naked and sharing hardcore excitement. If I were very horny, she would get intimate with me, but I could tell she wasn’t enjoying herself. We ended our relationship and she moved away. I hadn’t seen her for nearly fifteen years, until…

One Saturday afternoon while relaxing and feeling the need to release ball juices, I sat down at the computer and thought some hot, girl-on-girl passion would be just the thing to get me off. I went immediately to my favorites for watching porn: HD lesbian sex. Clicking on an updated clip, I saw a beautiful redhead laying back on a bed, with the pinkness of her areola puckered tightly, while hard nipples extended far out. The back of a blonde head was showing, as it performed oral sex on her. Getting comfortable in my chair and sliding my hand over my testicles and up to the head of my cock, I was ready for a Saturday afternoon wank.

My erection continued to grow as I watched these two hot babes getting dirty in softcore sweetness. The redhead began to moan and I could see she was glazing the face of the hot blonde with juices. She sat up and they kissed deeply, and then it was time for the recipient of clit licking to be the giver. The blonde now lay back on the bed and I couldn’t believe my eyes; it was my high school sweetheart! No wonder she never enjoyed making love with me, she liked girls, and I found this out while watching lesbian HD porn movies!

Her body was as magnificent as I remembered, every curve soft, the perfect roundness of her ass, the full fleshiness of big breasts, and the pussy that would certainly be inviting to either gender. I suddenly realized my dick was harder than it had ever been. Watching my ex getting her pussy lips sucked on by another woman was a huge turn on. I’d been inside that pink cavern, I knew the magic it held, and I wish I’d been there in the same room then in person, watching her enjoying this lesbian excitement.

Listening to her purring from the stimulation, I watched her moving her lean hips and tight ass in a squirming motion. She shared naughty talk between lovers, telling her girlfriend how good it felt, how hot her tongue was and how much she was going to cum for her. Those were things I always wanted to hear from her and never understood why I didn’t, but at least then I knew, and knowing it had me ready to explode.

Her long legs draped over the shoulders of the beautiful redhead, heels digging into the middle of her back, drawing her hungry mouth deeper into the musky, creaminess of her slit. I remember how she tasted, so soft and delicious, I could have eaten there all night long.

The closer she was to cumming, the more I could feel the load boiling in my balls. For the first time, we were going to share a mutual orgasm, even if it was while I watched HD lesbian sex. She was now pulling the red hair of her lover, screaming things that I couldn’t understand, deeply in the throes of pornographic passion, the more of a female fury she was whipped into, the more I knew how forceful my ejaculation was going to be.

Loudly, she began saying she was going to cum and that’s all I needed to hear. While her clit throbbed and the wetness soaked the face of her female lover, I jacked off with such speed, and my cum spurted across the keyboard, and up onto the monitor, covering the large breasts of my ex-lover.

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